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About the Homestead

Our dreams came true October 2015, we got our small farm, including the perfect location and a dream barn!

​We started "homesteading" because we liked the idea and the lifestyle change it would bring us. Since we are both pretty active on social media we were already sharing what we were up to. Animals we were raising, plants we were growing, and all the other good stuff. Before we knew it, people were following our adventure, and they were truly interested in what was happening with our little homestead! We had so many people reaching out to us, wanting to help and buy our products. We were pretty surprised by all the support but it only made our dreams grow.

We decided to dive in and make it a business! At first, with both of us working full-time jobs, it was slow going. We were finally able to attend our first farmers market in May 2016. We showed up with plenty of product and pride in what we had accomplished at that point and strolled into the Ankeny farmer's market, without ever going as customers! We had no idea what to expect from the experience but we were ready to learn, and learn we did! We learned so much just at the first market. We became addicted to the beautiful connections we were able to make with our customers.
We are coming up on our fifth year at the market now. We have so much more to offer from products to expertise to a love for what we do. We have been blessed with such an amazing journey!

We are currently working on several different avenues. We have poultry (chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys). We are able to offer pasture raised chicken seasonally, and also butcher for others. We keep rabbits, they are sold for meat and we use their waste to fertilize our gardens. We also have our friendly pig that we named Carl. Then we, of course, keep the bees, we are able to use a lot of what they produce in our products. We sell their honey as well as use it to create the recipe for many of our products. We also use their wax! It makes up a big part of our products especially in our personal care products, candles, and our personal favorite, beeswrap!

We have begun the process of selling bees, they are available for purchase in the spring, in nucs. We also have been talking about our bees being sent to California for almond pollination!

We also have an adopt-a-hive program for those who can't currently keep bees but want to help maintain the bee population and receive some goodies in return!  Recently we have obtained our licensing to start selling flavored creamed honey, this has been a very exciting addition to our business!

Other exciting things our homestead offers are a large market garden, flower garden, and herb garden, the restoration of vintage cast iron cookware, essential oil roller blends, homemade elderberry products, eco friendly products, and of course our HH swag!

We appreciate all of our customers new and old and hope that by visiting our site, seeing us at our farm or trying out our products you can feel the love and passion that we hold for our homestead. 

Wishing you a bee-utiful day full of adventure!

Tyler & Sara Holton