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About the Homestead

The Holton Homestead, accidently founded in 2015 when we moved to our small acreage in Elkhart. Immediately we wanted fruit trees, a garden, animals and bees. We had a small flock of chickens that produced more eggs than we knew what to do with. We started selling eggs which lead to our Ankeny egg route, delivering eggs to 40+ families weekly. Word quickly spread and we had more customers than product to sell.

In the spring of 2016, we prepared to be first time vendors at the Ankeny Farmers Market. Neither of us had ever been to a farmer’s market and had no idea what we were doing as vendors. The first year we didn’t have much to offer but fell in love with the customer interaction and support from our community. This was the gateway to our new life style.

Over the years the Homestead has ventured in many different directions. Including managing a 26 acre apple orchard, raising and breeding pasture pigs, raising and processing poultry, market gardening, cast iron cookware restoration, natural remedies and keeping bees. With all this we were able to narrow it down to what we were most passion about. Today our focus is keeping bees, honey, market gardening, natural wholesome products, and vintage cast iron cookware.

In 2017 we sent our bees to California for the first time. They spend the winter months participating in the almond pollination. In 2018 Tyler made the connection with a Bee Broker located in California, he took a leap of faith accepting a seasonal job position. From January through April Tyler manages bee keepers hives from all over the country for the Almound pollination. Tyler loved this position so much he continues work in California every year. In 2019 Tyler coordinated with local beekeepers sending a semi load of bees for pollination. We obtained our food processing plant license for producing flavored creamed honey and Elderberry tonic. In 2020 we accomplish big goals, we now have multiple employees on payroll, a small retail store on our farm, and you can find our products in numerous retail location throughout central Iowa. Now in 2021 our brains are spinning with all kinds of new ideas and goals that we cannot wait to share with you!