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Adopt-A-Hive Program

Have you ever wanted to keep your own bees, but couldn't find the time, space, or money?


Our innovative adopt-a-hive program allows you to experience the thrill and satisfaction of helping the bees without having to get stung or invest in all the necessary equipment. Plus, when you use our program you receive our homemade honey & wax products!

We recognize that beekeeping is not for everyone, but everyone needs honeybees! Here at the homestead, we are always looking for some helping hands as we work to provide local honey! We want to give you and/or your family an opportunity to share in the rewards and responsibility of maintaining a hive in our apiary.

What you get:

When you adopt you will receive a welcome package.

Included in the package is:

  • your first jar of honey
  • bee related handmade gifts
  • information about us and our bees
  • a name plaque to name the queen of your hive
  • certificate of adoption
  • a hive box to decorate however you please (local participants only) your bees will live in this box

After that, you will receive a monthly jar of honey, this will vary between our regular wild flower honey, creamed honey and our newest addition of flavored creamed honey. As well as our products- handmade with our honey or beeswax.

Throughout the year you will receive updates about your hive and photos, along with an optional, scheduled visit to your hive with a full inspection! This program lasts 6 months (March- August).

Since these products are hand delivered, we prefer that you are local. We would like to keep it in a 30 mile radius from Elkhart whenever possible. However, if you are not local, but still want to participate, you can! We will just modify slightly by not supplying a hive box for decorating and having all products shipped to your home.

You will receive your welcome package when you purchase and your monthly goodies will arrive April 2020 through August 2021.

Are you ready to Adopt-a-Hive? Click here!

Where your money goes:

With your generous adoption of a hive through our adopt-a-hive program, you are helping us to expand our apiary with the purchase of bees. The bees come in a three-pound package with a queen, otherwise known as an artificial swarm. Your money also helps us to feed the bees in the winter and early months when there is nothing for them to forage.


We appreciate your support and interest in our program and in saving the bees!