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Cast Iron Restoration

Cast Iron: The Original Non-stick pan. The Family Heirloom. The Best skillet in the house. For more than just camping. The cookware that makes your feel like a gourmet chef.

We offer cast iron cookware restoration. Prices starting at $30. All pieces are restored and ready for use when they return to you. Seasoned with vegetarian safe oil. Care instructions included.
If you need to mail your pieces, you will be responsible for shipping costs. Please make sure to include your contact info inside the package.
Name, email address, physical address, and phone number. We will not start work on your piece if you do not include your contact information and you will be charged a hold up fee of $25.  Pack box carefully with packing material. Cast Iron can & will break if not packed properly.
Mail to: The Holton Homestead 13779 NE 29th Street Elkhart, IA 50073
We will contact you as soon as your pan arrives at our homestead and keep you updated throughout the process.
If you are local, feel free to drop off your pieces during our store hours or make an appointment for another drop off time.

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With every purchase we include: a hand out with general care, cooking and cleaning tips, and any information we can find on historical pieces. 
If you are on the hunt for something specific, please contact us directly! We typically have pieces that have not been listed, and even if we don't have it now, we might just come across it 

You can never have too much cast iron in your collection!